Link: https://lptlc.org/rent-increases-during-pandemic-banned/

“The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation on Tuesday to temporarily prohibit rent increases throughout the city and to require certain essential businesses to provide health protections and work schedule flexibilities to employees.

“District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer said that emergency legislation to prohibit rent increases during a pandemic ‘shouldn’t be necessary.’

“‘Most landlords would not even think about raising rents on their tenants during a time like this,’ she said. Nonetheless, the legislation was triggered after the San Francisco Apartment Association published advice to its landlord members to not raise rents during the pandemic, according to District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

“Worried that the Association’s advice might find opposition among members, Peskin said that he and his co-sponsors found it important to legislate to protect tenants.”

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