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Mayor Breed has extended COVID-19 protections to people who are staying in hotels. This order just came out on April 14 2020, and went into effect on April 15, 2020. Some hotels (and SRO hotels) limit the number of days that you can stay. This order appears to protect you from being evicted from those hotels. Every case is different, and we urge you to contact us if you feel you are at risk of being evicted. Please email kevin@lptlc.org or call our hotline at (415) 782-8940. The original Proclamation is here. Here is the relevant part:

(1) The following restrictions shall apply to tourist hotels:

(a) It shall be unlawful for a tourist hotel to remove any guest staying in a tourist unit if the guest:

(i) requests to continue occupying the unit;

(ii) informs the tourist hotel that the guest either (A) has tested positive for, contracted, or is showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or (B) is self-isolating or quarantining, either voluntarily or under order, because of actual or potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus; and

(iii) agrees to pay the tourist hotel for the tourist unit at the same rate as the tourist hotel is charging for comparable units at the hotel.

(b) For purposes of this Order, “tourist hotel” and “tourist unit” shall have the meanings provided in Section 41.4 of the Administrative Code.

(c) This Order shall not prohibit the removal of a guest protected under subsection (a) who (i) has engaged in unlawful conduct, including violence or threats of violence, or (ii) poses a risk to the health and safety of staff or other guests by failing to comply with social distancing requirements imposed by the Health Officer. The tourist hotel shall notify the Department of Public Health prior to removing a guest under this exception unless the guest poses an immediate threat due to unlawful conduct, including violence or threats of violence, in which case the tourist hotel shall provide the notification as soon as practicable following the removal. The tourist hotel may seek the assistance of the Police Department, as necessary.