我们的合作伙伴,旧金山律师协会的冲突干预服务(BASF/CIS)与我们合作,帮助解决租户和房东之间的冲突。 请与任何可能需要帮助解决租赁纠纷的人分享这些传单。 PDF链接如下。 中文 --

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San Francisco Small Business COVID-19 Impact Survey

We are re-posting this email from the San Francisco Office of Small Business in its entirety. We have edited it slightly. Español  |  中文  |  Filipino  [more]

District 3 November Resources

From District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin: The work never stops. After a very brief post-election glow, we’re back in the swing of things working [more]

District 3 Update

We have reproduced the text of this newsletter from Supervisor Peskin's Office, in its entirety. As our community continues to face unprecedented challenges [more]


Title: 臉書(Facebook)資助:1,500萬美元將在灣區分配 Link: We wish to thank the Office of Supervisor Aaron Peskin for forwarding us this important email. Facebook Grants: $100 [more]


Title:疫情期間禁止租金上漲! Link: “The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation on Tuesday to temporarily prohibit rent increases throughout the city and to require certain [more]


(العربية) Due to COVID-19, there are increasing protections planned and in place for tenants. These COVID-19 EMERGENCY REGULATIONS cover residential and commercial rentals. [more]

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