The Lower Polk Tenant Landlord Clinic is now open!

People who need help with tenant-landlord issues and problems should email us at or We are also available at 415-775-1182 (leave a message, we will call you right back). Due to the fact that we are a coalition, we also have multiple offices that may be close to you. Whether you are located in the Tenderloin, the Lower Polk, or even certain outlying areas, we likely have a place where you can come and meet with our people and get help.

We can also come to you if you are a person with a disability, or otherwise have barriers to travel.

Our services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Mediation Services. This means that we can work between you and your landlord to help resolve problems around your tenancy. Mediation means “solving a problem by being in the middle.” We can stand between you and your landlord and help you (and them) come to a solution that works for both of you.
  2. Case Management. Case management means that we don’t just say “hi” and “bye.” Rather, we work with you on longer term solutions. Sometimes, you may not even need mediation. You might need simple education on your rights, or referrals to other providers. Not only will we train you and/or refer you – we will keep checking with you to make sure that you have gained the most positive outcome possible.
  3. Education and Training. Often, problems can be solved before they even start. This is because people who know their rights can insist on those rights. We will be offering classes that train you on your rights, and how to insist on them in positive ways.
  4. Landlord Training. We have found that problems can often be stopped by training landlords on what they can’t and cannot do. If you are a landlord, please contact us for a list of training classes and materials and consulting options. We work with a provider here in San Francisco that has been working with landlords for over 100 years.
  5. Outreach. We work to let you know that we offer these services. We are also working to train volunteer tenant advocates who can help other people in their building or local area. If you are interest in gaining valuable free training on tenant rights and organizing for tenants, please contact us.

Below is a flyer you can print out as well. And here is a PDF version.

Contact us now!