Risk for COVID-19 is not related in any way to any racial, ethnic, or cultural groups. The City of San Francisco will not tolerate any instances of xenophobia or racism. If you feel you are being discriminated against, please contact the Human Rights Commission by email at hrc.info@sfgov.org.

Due to COVID-19, there are increasing protections planned and in place for residential tenants, small merchants, and landlords. COVID-19 EMERGENCY REGULATIONS cover home and commercial rentals: tenants and landlords facing disputes can get FREE consultations and guidance to resources from the TLC & CIS.

If you are a residential tenant, small merchant, or landlord — send us an email at info@lptlc.org, or call us at (415) 782-8940. We will help you navigate the resources that are available to you.

Envíenos un correo electrónico a info@lptlc.org, o llámenos al (415) 782-8940. Le ayudaremos a navegar por los recursos que están disponibles para usted.

Hãy gửi email cho chúng tôi tới info@lptlc.org, hoặc gọi cho chúng tôi số (415) 782-8940. Chúng tôi sẽ giúp quý vị tìm kiếm những nguồn thông tin có thể giúp ích cho quý vị. 

info@lptlc.org 给我们发送电子邮件,或致电(415) 782-8940 联系我们。我们将帮助您浏览可用的资源。